Medication Synchronization

Medical Synchronization refers to the monthly refills that you can collect from Bridge Pharmacy in order to ensure that you are taking the meds at the right time, dosage and pace. Since some patients might be taking multiple medications at a time, it could become a hassle for them to be on top of everything. This is when medication synchronization steps in.

What Do You Mean By Medication Synchronization?

In essence, medication synchronization points to the act of pharmacists like us refilling your meds in a single day every month. This has been shown to eliminate non-medical adherence and also benefits patients as they no longer have to go to the pharmacy multiple times to get refills. Furthermore, it also gives them an opportunity to be well-informed about the meds they are taking.

How Do We Enable Medication Synchronization?

If you want to avail the benefits of medication synchronization at Bridge Pharmacy, here’s what you will have to do:

  • Let us know you want to avail this service.
  • For the next step, our medical team will sit down with you to review your medical papers along with the prescriptions provided by your doctor. All of these details will be used to create an arrangement where you will be able to collect your refills in one single day every month as per the prescriptions.
  • Our medical team members will get in touch with you a week prior to your ‘refill’ day so that you can let them know about any changes that may have been made over the weekend.
  • We will also go the extra mile to deliver the refills to you as long as there are no changes that need to be made for the refills.

This process will be repeated every month to ensure that you are following the guidelines as provided by your medical health practitioner. Recent medical studies have also shown proof of improved adherence through medication synchronization.

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