Yolanda G. Killeen – Pharmacist Manager

Our Pharmacist Manager Yolanda G. Killeen had hands-on experience working as a pharmacist right after she graduated from college around 19 years ago. Her tasks included working closely with the customers to ensure that proper guidelines were being followed. She was also in charge of handling prescriptions and maintaining close relations with healthcare providers.

Right after working there, she took a job as an Assistant Pharmacy manager where she had to take care of managing inventory, dispensing and filling medication, and assisting clients.

Graduating from Bradford University in Biochemistry, Yolanda has also done her MA in Pharmaceutical Science. She is currently working with us at Bridge Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Manager. Her work at Bridge Pharmacy involves hiring in order to expand, train and supervise the team. She is also involved with coordinating patients with the physicians for avoiding conflicts and ensuring proper deliverance of meds.

Apart from all of this, she has also been an active advocate for Immunization.

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