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Cenforce may replace Viagra. Sildenafil citrate, like Viagra, is used to make this erectile dysfunction medicine. This amazing affordable med is now available for purchase online from our website and ready to give you a solution of your sex life problems.

Does Cenforce 100 Work?

Cenforce is made using sildenafil, just like Viagra. This makes it just as good as the brand name medication. Studies have shown that sildenafil relieves the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in more has 90% of patients. The manufacturer of Cenforce has the WHO GMP certification which is enough assurance that the drug is produced in accordance with the strictest international standards.

The drug is effective in treating all degrees of erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, it relieves symptoms of ED from different etiologies − both physiological and psychological. However, it is worth noting that the efficacy can be lower in people with underlying conditions, such as diabetes mellitus type 2.

What is Cenforce 100mg, 150 and 200mg?

Centurion Laboratories Private Limited are the manufacturers of Cenforce. The company is located in Gujarat, India and it is a big pharma producer with hundreds of drugs and supplements in its portfolio. The company manufacturers all categories of medications from antimicrobials to immunosuppressants.

Cenforce comes in strengths of 100, 150 and 200mg. This is the concentration of sildenafil citrate in a single pill. The different strengths are meant to offer a solution for different degrees of erectile dysfunction. Many people generally start off with lower strengths and then escalate when need arises.

The 100mg pills are blue and diamond-shaped. They also have the number 100 imprinted on the sides. The 150 and 200mg pills are triangular in shape. The 200mg pills are black in color whereas the 150mg ones are red.

There is a fast-acting version of the drug called Cenforce Professional which comes in the form of sublingual pills. This formulation takes advantage of the rich vascular supply under the tongue. Hence, the medicine enters the bloodstream quickly and starts working in 15 minutes. Sildenafil tablets start working in half the time. The fast acting sublingual pills contain 100mg of sildenafil. They are white in color and diamond-shaped.

Cenforce Pills Price

Being a generic version of sildenafil, Cenforce comes at an affordable price. It costs about Rs15 in India which is its country of origin. Consumers from USA, Canada and Europe can purchase the drug from online stores conveniently. The final price is generally just less than a dollar. If you are visiting Asia, you can buy Cenforce from a brick-and-mortar store and carry a few pills back home with you.

Some users prefer to order the higher strengths of the drug and then split them to their preferred dosages because this is cheaper in the long run.

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I was not really a fan of generic sildenafil but when I heard about Cenforce 100, I thought I might try it simply because I had previously gotten great results from another drug made by the same manufacturer (at a much lower price compared to the name brand, of course). Cenforce hasn’t disappointed me and I promise I am not looking back. I feel it’s the perfect pill for me because I was using the same strength of brand-name Viagra and switching didn’t cause me any problems. I usually take it about half an hour before I get to action and I can confidently say life has been good.

Robert Kort

Mon Jan 02 2023 11:25:12

When I started getting dismal results with the 100mg strength of sildenafil I went to my doctor and he recommended that I should try a higher strength. One of the options I had was Cenforce 150 and I went for it. This proved to be an excellent decision because I have been able to have sex just like in the good old times. I would pick Cenforce any day because I don’t get bad side effects with the drug and I think it is superior to most of the generics I have come across. If you think you can tolerate the 150mg strength, you can be sure to find some amazing results.

Doc Greeves

Wed Jan 11 2023 23:05:09

I was afraid of how my sex life after 60 was going to be until I started using Cenforce 200. This drug has kept my vessel afloat and I believe it makes it to the top of the list of the best ED medications – at least for me.

Kristian Peters

Fri Jan 20 2023 14:15:58