Medication Services

Over 1500 patients are attended to by our medical health experts at Bridge Pharmacy. Aside from catering to your online queries, we also provide in-person medication services. In case you do not want to buy prescribed medication, we also offer over the counter meds to help you with basic illnesses.

List of Over the Counter Meds

  • Medication for Pain

    For usual pain or ache in your body, you can purchase pain relief medication from Bridge Pharmacy. Nonetheless, if you are in need of medication that asks for a prescription, we can guide you to a specialist.

  • Cold & Allergy

    For common cold, flu and allergies, you can avail our services after speaking to our medical health expert. They will provide you with the medication you require as per your symptoms.

  • Vitamins

    Vitamins are basic necessities for any individual who wants to stay healthy. At Bridge Pharmacy, we offer a range of vitamins that you can purchase without a prescription.

  • Oral Health

    If you want oral health products at competitive values, you can order them at Bridge Pharmacy instead of trying out your local markets.

  • Feminine Hygiene

    Sanitary pads are available for women at any hour of the day for purchases.

  • First Aid Items

    These are products that every individual should have stored in their homes or workspaces. If you are in need of such products, you can buy them from Bridge Pharmacy.

  • Contraceptive Aids

    Risks of potential exposure to AIDS can be treated with our contraceptive aids.

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